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Fixing a Computer

Whether your computer is moving slowly or recently crashed, Social Design Technologies can help you get back on track. We know for every minute your device is down, you lose money. We also setup emails, setup, printers and any laptop or computer.

Computer Office Work

All computers can get infected with a virus, which may have dire consequences on your life. Fortunately, there are ways of fighting against these threats, and we can help you pick the best virus removal solution for your system. Social Design Technologies has the proper training and certifications to get your devices back up and running.

 Hard Drive

Backup has been an essential part of IT infrastructure, but traditional backup technology is no longer able to meet businesses’ evolving demands to drive modernization and digital transformation. This whitepaper explores the reasons why continuous journal-based protection is the future of backup, and the shift from recovery to availability and restore to resume.

Home PC  &
 Devices Repair Services
Virus, Spyware
Malware Removal

Reliable Data


CCTV Camera

An integral part of any home security system is a home surveillance camera system. This system not only deters burglary, but allows you to keep tabs on what is happening in your home from any smartphone or tablet while you are away from home.

Network Hub and Cable

While a wireless network helps keep your office connected, an unsecured one can leave you opened to security problems. Social design Technologies will help configure your router for the best security tailored to you and teach you how to keep it protected.

Home Theater Room

Whether its mounting a Tv or setting up a sound bar and speakers, Social Design Technologies has got you covered. With our trained professionals we will leave your home entertainment system fully setup and looking perfect.


Network Setup

Home Theatre


Security Camera Installation

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