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Wi-Fi Infrastructure and Installation

A reliable wifi network is prudent for your business success. Social Design Technologies provide you with a custom designed commercial wifi installation that can handle your daily network needs.

Setting up a wireless infrastructure in a commercial property is not as simple as setting up a wifi router in a private residence. A fast-paced business environment needs a well implemented wifi installation service because improper installation can create severe connectivity issues, costing the company revenue. Social Design Technologies has in-depth training and years of experience in wireless internet installation. We know the ins and outs of communication infrastructure and thus can help you set up a reliable wifi network. The wireless connectivity setup will be done throughout the facility for easy access. By leveraging a robust wifi installation, you will keep your business connected to clients and customers. Choose the correct network communication service provider. The Network Installers offers unparalleled service when it comes to commercial wifi installation. Being backed by a team of qualified and proficient engineers, you can expect wifi installation to be done effectively, quickly, and diligently. We treat our clients like our partners.

Site Assessment

Before setting up the commercial wifi, we will send our professional team to your premises to do a complete site assessment. In the site assessment, your location will be analyzed and evaluated to understand how commercial wifi installation must be implemented.


Our engineers will design and engineer wireless infrastructure that meets your facility’s specific needs. We focus on delivering the highest standard of service so that you can enjoy seamless commercial wifi connectivity throughout your facility.


After the evaluation and design process is completed, our engineers will install the commercial wifi system for seamless network communication. The Network Installers is committed to providing you with a service that you can count on.

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